The Nature of Creativity

The more I observe the creative process at work the more I am delighted and amazed. On the surface, inspiration and moments of revelation can seem random and unpredictable but with a closer look it becomes more obvious to me that there are complex patterns and relationships between ideas, environments and the condition of the human mind and body which play a huge role in the ability of intentions to be transformed into reality. For the last three years I’ve been devouring books on the subject and seeking out mentors and teachers who seem to have cracked the code and have adapted their lifestyle to fit the constructs of their own intuitions rather than the dictations of social norms and compartmentalized work situations. To see the nature of creativity at play one needs only to observe a garden, a square yard of forest, a trapeze artist or writer lost in their work, a trail of ants hauling food and building materials to their village. All of these situations carry similar attributes and themes. Fluidity, motion, a detachment from ego, a fierce connection to the present moment and constant interaction with the elements and other beings we share our environments with. As human beings, it is my strong belief that we can allow these patterns of creativity  to re-surface in our lives by allowing ourselves to loosen our grip on outward constructs that seem to provide security, by energizing and opening our hearts,minds and bodies to the notion that there lies an abundance of love, strength and possibilities if only we invite them in, by infusing our interactions with ourselves and others with compassion and empathy. As a songwriter and teacher, I feel that my whole life has been leading up to this moment where I am able to identify these patterns and share them with others. I expect my journey to be lifelong and I am overjoyed at the prospect of discovering other people and environments who are as passionate about creation as I am. My workshops and classes give me the opportunity to exchange what I am learning with others. I hope you will join me for at least a portion of my creative adventures. Namaste..

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