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Young Songwriter Programs are available as week long home school programs, private and small group workshops, one on one coaching and more. Contact Havilah today for scheduling and pricing!!  Email havilahrand@gmail.com or fill out the form below..

“I have to tell you that Audri’s music and writing really took off after getting such a solid and affirming start with you. She has wrote and recorded a whole album, with two songs one about the local whales and one about wild bison that she has been asked repeatedly to perform in the area for awareness events for Orca Network and Buffalo Field Campaign. We are so grateful to you for the confidence you gave her and the beautiful epxerience she had working with you” – Parent and host of homeschool songwriting workshop.

“We are so pleased with the work that Havilah has done with our daughter during their songwriting workshops. Havilah has a great gift and real talent for helping kids express their creativity through songwriting, singing & music. I have seen my daughter gain confidence and a new love of music while working with Havilah. When they are making music together the flow is incredible to see. I highly recommend Havilah’s class!” – Parent

“My kids, who were initially both reluctant participants, absolutely LOVED the Songwriter Camp. I am so impressed with the creativity you inspired in them, how you showed them that they can take everyday events and turn them into songs, and how songwriting is an organic process. They also loved the silly fun elements, like going to the river and spying on people. I hope you’ll offer the camp again next June!” Parent and Methow Valley Arts Alliance Director

“Thank you Havilah. I just love how their young inner voices are able to come out through song!” Parent

“You did an incredible job bringing out her creativity. I was in awe of the song you composed together. I am making a CD to come out by October 1st, and I want to include her song.” Grandmother and Professional Recording Artist

Young songwriters workshops and camps are incredibly fun, creative and give kids the opportunity to express themselves and leave with a tangible product of their hard work and imagination.  These programs work best with groups of up to six and of similar ages ranging from 7 – 18. When groups are larger and/or consist of mixed age groups there are other seasoned and experienced music teachers on hand to offer more one on one instruction and guidance.

During the programs we use a variety of techniques including collaging, brainstorming, word games, nature walks, urban adventures and other creative activities to come up with a topic and lyrics for our song. Depending on time constraints and abilities of students, Havilah will either drive the song with a guitar part and melody or let the songwriters come up with this themselves. Each participant has a journal that they use to collect ideas either in writing, sketching, collaging or however they choose. Havilah assists as needed with organizing and typing lyrics. When we are ready, we record the song using a small portable recording unit. Songwriters create their own cover art and a CD of all the songs is created for each participant. 

Writing songs gives kids a beautiful and meaningful way to use words in different ways, to use their imagination, to experiment with sound, and to try something they’ve never done before.  The product is something that lasts forever and serves as a reminder that we have the ability to create anything we put our minds to.

Contact Havilah at havilahrand@gmail.com to learn more!


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