Musical Memoirs: Songwriting With Elderly

Hostpic1Havilah Rand is a songwriter, educator and innovator. Her organization Holistic ArtVentures provides programs that support creative and authentic self expression among diverse populations. Currently, she is seeking to collaborate with elderly in collecting life stories to transform into songs. The mission of this particular project is to provide an opportunity for the elderly to share the parts of their life that are most meaningful to them with the world. In addition, this program seeks to preserve and share the oral history of American society and culture through an artistic modality.

The process of this program entails meeting with elderly people individually for an hour or so to introduce the project and begin collecting any stories that the collaborators are willing to share. Then Havilah spends a few weeks on her own writing the basic idea and structure of the song. A second meeting is arranged in order to check in and edit the song together. Finally, Havilah records the song, provides the collaborator with a CD and credits the collaborator as a co-writer.

We currently have openings in the Pacific Northwest area January – June 2018. Please contact Havilah at or 512-554-6452 to learn more and schedule a songwriting collaboration.